Ka Me Brown Rice Crisps, Szechuan

Authentic, premium, traditional. 0g Trans fat. Baked not fried. 2 Stay-fresh packs. KA-ME (kah-may) translated means turtle which, according to Japanese legend, signifies a long happy life, It is also believed that longevity flows from foods that rely on native ingredients. For more than 30 years, KA-ME has explored the cuisine of the orient, seeking traditional foods and seasoning that used to be found only in Asian grocery shops. Today, KA-ME is one of the world's foremost Pan Asian brands, and we are honored to bring to you a collection of products from the cuisines of the Far East. You won't find a cracker or chip that has more flavor, more crunch or more style than ultra-thin KA-ME Brown Rice Crisps. Made with all the goodness of a minimally processed grain, our Szechuan Rice Crisps retain the most nutritious part of the rice kernel - the bran. It's the nutritious essence of brown rice and the zesty, peppery spices of Szechuan province in China that make these crisps so traditional, yet so right for today's snack lover. For an altogether new snacking experience, savor the crunchy goodness of KA-ME Brown Rice Crisps. Lighter than a cracker, our Szechuan Brown Rice Crisps are baked - using whole grain brown rice - and delicately seasoned for a healthful alternative to conventional snacks.