Glue Board-Mouse/Insect/Snak

Catchmaster® Baited Mouse & Insect Glue Boards. Professional strength. Sticklers for Quality™. Great for trapping: Spiders, crickets, roaches and other common household pests. Non-toxic. Disposable. Ready to use. Can be used with Catchmaster® Multi-Catch™. See back panel for details. 4 traps inside. The ultimate glue board for mice, insects and snakes. 100% safe-no poison used at all. Scented with special formula to attract mice and insects. Clean, economical, and easy to use. Long lasting-"Catch master" will outlast your pest problems. Large enough to catch many mice and hundreds of insects. Also great for use with our all new Catchmaster® Multi-Catch™ for more info visit Catchmaster is a trademark of AP&G Co., Inc. ©2009.