Ivy Dry Analgesic Anti Itch Cream - Poison Ivy Oak & Sumac

Other Information: Store at room temperature. Misc: Quickly relieves itching from poison-ivy, oak, sumac and skin irritations. Zinc-complex. Quick relief. Questions or comments www.ivydry.com. Treating poison ivy since 1945. If you get poison ivy, you know you'll want to use a product with proven effectiveness that you can trust. Look no further than Ivy-Dry known and trusted for over 50 years. Zinc acetate has been the basis of Ivy-Dry's treatments for many years. Zinc, in various forms has been proven to be very helpful in treating skin irritations and reducing itching. Our new zinc-complex is a unique combination of Zincs that enhance zinc acetate's inherent soothing and anti-itching properties. This innovative combination is an Ivy-Dry exclusive.