Good Karma Organic Ricemilk, Vanilla

Made with whole grain brown rice. Whole Grain: 8 g Or more per serving. USDA Organic. Calcium enriched. Vitamin fortified. Gluten free. Dairy free. Soy free. Contains no dairy. Benefits: Organic, lactose free, gluten free, dairy free, 99% fat free, trans fat free, 8 g whole grain per serving, vegan, supports green farming, calcium enriched, vitamin fortified. Ending World Hunger - A percentage of all net proceeds from the sale of Good Karma products are donated to organizations focused on ending world hunger. Everybody Needs Good Karma! Once upon a time you had to get all your Whole Grain from bread and breakfast cereals. Now you have another choice! Good Karma Organic Whole Grain Ricemilk contains all of the natural bran, bran oils and other naturally occurring nutrients contained in Whole Grain Brown Rice! Smooth, creamy and delicious! We made Good Karma Ricemilk for the delight of all. Please enjoy! Why You Need Whole Grain! A growing body of evidence indicates that people with diets rich in Whole Grain have a reduced risk of heart disease, have better blood sugar control, and have a healthier body weight. What is Whole Grain? How Much Do I Need? Whole Grain means that the entire kernel of grain, just as it was harvested from the field, is used in a product. Health experts recommend getting 3 or more servings of Whole Grain a day (one serving is 16 grams), but every bit of Whole Grain is good. That's why the Whole Grains Council recommends Whole Grains at Every Meal. Why is the Whole Grain Stamp Important? To bear the Whole Grain Stamp, a product must meet strict criteria and be reviewed by the Whole Grains Council. The Stamp helps consumers find healthy products that offer the genuine benefits of Whole Grain.