ginnybakes Cookies, Gourmet, Double Chocolate Happiness

Fresh baked. All natural. GF: Certified gluten-free. Indulge naturally! Yum! ginnybakes are preservative free so eat them now or freeze and indulge later! Gluten-free cookies. Chocolate lovers rejoice! Sinfully delectable cacao powder plays with white chocolate chips to create the ultimate gluten-free chocolatey happy heaven. Indulge with ginnybakes! It Started with a Dream: In 2010, I had a dream of creating a line of desserts for people who have a love for clean, natural foods, a healthy lifestyle and a sweet tooth for one of life's greatest indulgences - fresh baked treats! As a mom of four boys, I've always been passionate about home cooked meals that are delicious, nutritious, whole and natural and I strongly feel that dessert should be no exception. After weeks of playing with gluten-free and oat flours, nuts, fruit and dark chocolate chips, my first winner was born - Chocolate Chip Love - an insanely delicious, gluten-free twist on a classic chocolate chip cookie. My boys and husband raved over them. And so, ginnybakes was born! Today, my first batch of cookies have grown into a line of gluten-free, fresh baked treats and bake mixes for everyone to enjoy. They are all natural and delicious - which means they are free of any preservatives, chemicals and refined sugars. Are more recipes in the works? You bet. I hope you enjoy them again and again. You'll fall in love. xo ginny.