Healthy Choice Mango Edamame Power Bowl

Edamame, mango & vegetables served on top of brown & red rice, red quinoa and black barley with a red wine vinaigrette topped with dried cherries & sunflower seeds. Serving bowl made from plant-based fiber. Each Ingredient Matters: Delicious and filling! Power Bowls plant-based meals bring together combinations of ingredients like legumes, ancient grains, colorful vegetables and leafy greens to create delicious recipes that are a good source of protein. Grains Blend: mixture of multigrain brown rice, red rice, red quinoa & black barley. Red wine vinaigrette. Dark Leafy Greens: blend of chard, kale & spinach. Seeds: sunflower seeds. Legumes: edamame. Vegetables: mango, carrots & sweetened dried cherries. Fits a vegetarian lifestyle