Celentano Meatballs, Italian Style

Good source of protein. Approxmiately 24 - 1/2 oz meatballs. Made with chicken, pork and beef. Preservative free. Oven-baked, Fully cooked, Ready in just 40 seconds. Celentano. With its roots as a neighborhood Italian pasta shop established in 1947, Celentano's family ravioli recipe has become the leading branded frozen pasta on the market. Today, Celentano Continues to delight customers with the real Italian goodness of its great-tasting meatballs which pair nicely with their wide assortment of delicious pasta products. Inspected for wholesomeness U.S. Department of Agriculture www.rosina.com Facebook. Pinterest. Twitter. Instagram. Find quick & delicious recipes at Celentanorecipes.com Try our full line of Celentano products. Homestyle Meatballs Turkey Meatballs Beef Ravioli Cavatelli Cheese Ravioli Tortellini and more. Product of USA.