Friendly's Ice Cream, Sundae Xtreme Cookies 'n Cream Ripple

Friendly®'s Sundae Xtreme™ Cookies n' Cream Ripple Frozen Dairy Dessert. Where ice cream makes the Meal®. Loaded with the stuff you love. Vanilla flavored frozen dairy dessert with crushed chocolate creme cookies and fudge swirl. 1.5 qts (1.42L). Friendly®'s brings you more of what you crave with Sundae Xtreme™. Every spoonful is loaded with the stuff you love... Try all of our indulgently Xtreme flavors! Please send comments to: Public Affairs, Friendly Ice Cream Corporation, 1855 Boston Road Wilbraham, MA 01095 USA. 1-800-966-9970 (toll free) or visit our website: Enclose with all correspondence: where product was purchased, product and date codes from package. Plant 25-26.