Calavo Single-Serve Guacamole Singles, Mild

Calavo® Single Serve Guacamole Mild. New. Only 90 Calories per serving. Gluten free. Trans fat free. All natural. On-the-go pouches! 6 - 2 oz. Pouches. Net Wt. 12 oz. (340 g). The Fresh Guacamole inside has been carefully made for you. Prepared with fresh ingredients and perfectly blended just like you would make at home. Avocados are one of natures healthier fruits so you know you're just not eating fresh, you're eating healthy. Calavo Guacamole is made fresh and packaged to stay that way. Avocados are similar to bananas and apples, they will slowly turn brown when exposed to air. 100% Fresh ingredients. No preservatives. Grab a pouch of Calavo Guacamole and take us with you to work, to school, to play: Use as a spread instead of mayo on your favorite sandwiches. Add to spinach salad for an extra kick of flavor instead of dressing. Use as a dip with your favorite veggies. Fruits & veggies more matters®. Please recycle.