Coleman Natural Uncured Beef Hot Dog

No nitrate or nitrites (except as naturally occurring in celery powder and sea salt). Beef raised with: No antibiotics ever. No hormones added. No animal by-products. All vegetarian feed. Made with all natural (minimally processed. No artificial ingredients) ingredients. Fully cooked. Our Promise: At coleman natural foods, we believe saying no is a good thing. It's how we steer clear of what's not real and keep the meat we raise as wholesome as possible. We know is our heart that if it's not right for the animals we care for or the families we serve, we say no and always will. It's the principle we've stood by with our farmers and their families for over 125 years. Plain and simple. Real farmers. Real Ingredients. Real good. US inspected and passed by Department of Agriculture. Facebook. For more information, visit or call 800-442-8666 Mon - Fri 9 Am - 6:30 PM EST. Raised in the USA.