Mooala Organic Bananamilk, Chocolate, 48oz.

Made with real bananas & cocoa. 90 calories per serving. USDA organic. Dairy-free & nut-free. Dairy free. We make goodness. For goodness' sake. Each batch of Mooala is crafted to bring you and your family the highest quality plantmilk on the market. We use real, organic ingredients and homemade recipes to create nut and plant-based blends that are naturally delicious and health conscious. Simply put - it's simple goodness! Mmm - Chocolate Bananamilk. Doesn't it sound like a treat you'd uncover at the State Fair? We think it deserves a ribbon for being nut-free, dairy-free, and insanely delicious. With less than 100 calories, it's a winner in smoothies, or by the glass. It also defies gravity, picks up your kids, and turns back time. Ok, we made the last part up, but everything else was true. Holla at Mooala: Facebook: Mooala;