Sargento Off The Block Traditional Cut Shredded Cheese Mozzarella & Provolone

Sargento Off The Block Shredded Natural Whole Milk Mozzarella & Smoked Provolone Cheese. Only from Sargento ~ Slide-Ride freshness seal. Mozzarella & provolone. Traditional cut. One pound. 4 cups. Our family's passion is Cheese. At Sargento, we're always looking for delicious new ways to share our passion for cheese... like our new off the block shredded cheese! Off the block shreds, grated from blocks of 100% natural cheese, come in two cuts: traditional cut and fine cut. So whether you are sprinkling, tossing or melting, Sargento has the cheese for you! Lou Gentine, second generation of family ownership. 3 every day. Milk cheese yogurt. registered trademark of Sargento Food Inc. Slide Rite and Design Wave are trademarks of Pactiv Corp. Package artwork and the color burgundy are registered trademarks of Sargento Foods Inc. Find hundreds of exciting recipes featuring your favorite Sargento cheeses at: Questions or comments. Please call Sargento Consumer Affairs at 1-800-CHEESES (1-800-243-3737) from 9AM to 4PM (central time), Monday - Friday. Please provide the freshness date on the package and UPC bar code numbers. Sargento Foods Inc.