Cacao Reserve Cacao Reserve Single Origin Collection

Sao Tome - Premium Dark Chocolate; Arriba - Premium Dark Milk Chocolate; Java - Premium Milk Chocolate. Individually wrapped tasting squares. Single origin cacao beans. Cacao (ka-kow'): A tropical tree that produces the beans from which chocolate is made. Java is part of the Indonesian island chain, where growers hand-pick a rare form of very light-colored Criollo cacao as cool ocean breezes caress the soil. The fine 37% cacao creamy milk chocolate produced from this single origin cacao is also light in color with rich caramel notes and a refined cocoa profile. Arriba cacao is a native strain of Forastero cacao beans from the natural rainforest region of southern Ecuador. With 50% cacao, this Arriba dark milk chocolate is prized for its distinctive floral aroma, delicate chocolate flavor and lingering cocoa finish. Sao Tome is known as the Chocolate Island. This 70% cacao dark chocolate made from Sao Tome Forastero cacao has a strong and well-balanced bitter and sweet chocolate profile. Specially sized to maximize your chocolate tasting. Break each piece in half, listening to the snap of the chocolate and enjoying the aroma. Savor the flavor notes and texture in two slow bites.