Botanical Interests Seeds, Rutabaga, American Purple Top

Brassica napus (napobrassica group). Cool season. 90 days. Sow early spring or midsummer. Heirloom: Delicious, firm, sweet roots are a must for hearty soups and casseroles. Easy to grow, excellent winter storage crop. Brassica napus. Rutabaga, or swede, as the British call it, is a 3-6 inch long root vegetable with a sweet, mellow flavor. Mash just like potatoes, add chunks to soups and stews, or bake in savory or sweet casseroles. Even the tops are edible and make tasty sauteed greens. Rutabagas develop the best flavor when harvested during cool weather. A great winter storage crop. This packet sows six 10-foot rows. We are dedicated to inspiring & educating the gardener in you. That's why we've put even more helpful information inside. More info inside. No GMOs. All our seeds are untreated. Illustrated by Carolyn Crawford.