Jiant Hard Kombucha Original

Real fruit. Funny spelling serious ingredients. Light and refreshing! Everything you need nothing you don't. Our hard kombucha is brewed with the highest quality organic & responsibly sourced ingredients. Sustainable Honey: Sustainably sourced from wild bees. Free from pesticides & GMOs. Dragonwell Green Tea: Round and delicate without the high level of astringency typical of green teas. Real Fruit: Not-from-concentrate juices and purees, used sparingly. No natural flavors or no nutritive sweeteners such as stevia or erythritol. Botanicals: Fresh-brewed botanicals and herbs build flavor and intrigue without adding sugar. Whats Not Inside: Gluten; GMOs; Stevia; Erythritol; Preservatives; Natural flavors; Artificial flavors; Concentrates; Added sulfites; Lots of sugar. Funny spelling serious ingredients: Clean, crisp and refreshing hard kombucha thoughtfully crafted with organic green tea, sustainable honey, fresh-brewed botanicals and real fruit. The original is light and floral with subtle notes of tropical fruit. Clean & simple ingredients. Antioxidants & organic acids. No stevia or natural flavors. No preservatives or sulfites added. No living organisms.