New Belgium 6 Pack, 12 Ounce, Hemperor HPA

Hops and Hemp reign. Together at last. The Hemperor HPA is a new kind of hoppy beer blending hemp with hops for complete sensory domination. See our sustainability efforts at 1 Contains no traceable amounts of THC or CBD. Brewers Association: Certified Independent Craft. Certified B Corporation. Have our best! Drink fresh. Check the enjoy by date printed on the side of the bottle. Keep cold. From our brewery to your favorite beer shop, and ultimately, your fridge. Don't fret, our dates factor in some unfrigerated display time. Clean glassware. Pour into a pristine glass to release the full aromas and tasting experience. Questions? Concerns? Cheers? Enjoy New Belgium responsibly. Visit New Belgium's Liquid Center taste beer. Take tour. Reserve a tour at Colorado Brewers Guild. Brewers Association: Savor the flavor responsibly. Please recycle. 7% abv.