Alessi Italian Cake, Traditional, Panettone Classico

Premium ingredients. Originating in Milan, this sweet bread is traditionally served in Italy on holidays such as Christmas and New Year's. One legend tells of a romantic beginning for panettone: a nobleman fell in love with the daughter of a poor baker. He won her heart by inventing this bread and naming it in her father, Toni's honor (Pan de Toni). Others say panettone gets its name from pan del ton, which translates to cake of luxury. Though there is some debate over the exact origin of panettone, there is no debate over its delicious, fruity flavor. Full of raisins, fruit and traditions of old Italy, panettone makes any occasion a special occasion. This light, spongy cake is an old Italian family favorite and now it can be your family's favorite too. Serve Alessi Panettone toasted and topped with butter and serve with coffee for brunch, or make it into bread pudding or top it with vanilla pudding for dessert. Panettone's origin may be Italian, but it truly has a worldwide appeal. Product of Italy.