Chabaso Stone Ground Wheat Ciabatta

Vegan contains honey. 50% + Whole grain 19 g or more per serving. 50% or more of the grain is whole grain. Non-GMO Project Verified. Family owned. Estd 1981. We bake integrity into every loaf of bread. We include only the best ingredients in our work: Mutual respect, transparency, creativity, community and commitment to make the world healthier and better. And the ingredients in our bread are every bit as wholesome! Bakers Conscientious what does it mean to be. Excellent, carefully-sourced non-gmo ingredients & the time and loving attention to allow flavor and texture to develop naturally. We like to thick of ourselves as good. Wholesome people whose heath & soul show up in our bread. Because we're not just baking bread.. we're on a mission. Sprouted whole grains. Ancient grain spelt flour. 20+ hours fermentation. Touch of honey. Since 1981 we've been dedicated to artisan techniques to bake the most flavorful bread with the best texture and crust. We start with simple ingredients then blend slowly. We develop the dough through traditional long, natural fermentation for complex flavor, it takes time, loving attention and artful methods. We support the bread on its journey and bake in special hearth ovens. Our bread tasted so good because we care. This bread is loaded with the tasty nutrition of 50% whole grains including sprouted wheat, triticale and rye (fermented for 48+ hours), and the vitamins, antioxidants, fiber, amino acids and digestibility they provide. Whole grains make bread more interesting and flavorful if all the other baking stuff is done right. Time + good ingredients + caring bakers = Great bread! Savory, sweet and healthy recipes at Bread gifts, recipes, and stories at