Mayan Farm Whole Wheat Tortillas

Mayan™ Farm Traditional Recipe Whole Wheat Soft Taco Size Flour Tortillas. Authentic flavor. No cholesterol. No trans fat. Per serving. 100% whole grain, 30g or more per serving. Eat 48g or more of whole grains daily. 10. According to legend dating back to the Mayans, tortillas were prepared for noble families and served with every meal. The tortillas played an important role as they were used to scoop or wrap around the other dishes in the meal. The Mayans leave behind a heritage of the tortilla as a convenient and tasty way to wrap an endless variety of fillings across many cultures and cuisines. Mayan farm tortillas are fragrant, flavorful and hold fillings without cracking or breaking. We bake our tortillas with the highest quality, freshest ingredients to ensure authentic flavor. For more recipes and usage ideas, visit our web site at: Harbar LLC. The natural taste of quality. 800-881-7040. Certified vegan.