Alex & Danis Cookies, Chocolate Chip

Light & Crispy. 2001 Star Diamond Award, The American Academy of Hospitality Sciences. No preservatives added. 1st Place Superior Product Award Winner, Food Distribution Magazine. Delectable! Easy-to-eat! Tantalizing! Just a few of the words used to describe our twice-baked crisp cookies. For generations, these cookies have delighted family and friends while they shared their stories and celebrated life. In our kitchen filled with intoxicating aromas, we watched and learned our grandmother's and mom's artistry and passion for baking the very best. With careful, exacting detail they measured each unique ingredient, mixed the finest nuts, the richest chocolates and mouth-watering fruits. They baked them into golden loaves and sliced and toasted these biscotti-style cookies to a light, crisp perfection. With the same love and passion, we carry on this family tradition in offering these beloved cookies to you. Enjoy these versatile cookies in our Classic and American flavors any time of the day or night, with or without dunking, with coffee, tea, wine, hot chocolate, milk, juice, crumbled over yogurt or ice cream, or just munched by themselves.