Purina Beggin' Party Poppers Bacon Cheddar & Monterey Jack Flavors Dog Snacks 25 oz. Pouch

Are you ready to LET THE FUN FLY?! If so, then grab a canister of Beggin’ Party Poppers! Adult dogs everywhere are flipping, flopping and hopping for these high-flyin’ bacony dog treats. As if dogs didn’t go crazy enough for Beggin’s unrivaled taste of bacon, we took the fun to new heights...literally. Just place the Popper on the pig nose of the Pighead Canister, push it down..and wait for it...wait for it...wait for it! Where it goes, no one knows! Each poppable dog treat, that’s made with real bacon, is a piece of Beggin’ wrapped around Cheddar and Monterey Jack flavored cubes. Each Pighead Canister comes with 10 ounces of Party Poppers inside. And when that’s empty, refill it with the 7-ounce or 25-ounce refill bag (sold separately). And remember, no matter how crazy your adult dog goes for these bacony bites of awesomeness, only feed them as a treat, never a meal. See the back panel of the package for feeding instructions. From the Beggin’ Brand comes a dog treat that lets the fun fly to new heights! DOGS DON'T KNOW IT'S NOT BACON Place the Popper on the pig nose of the Pighead Canister. Push it down. And wait for it to POP out! No one knows where it will go! Beggin’ wrapped around cheddar and Monterey Jack flavored cubes. Made with Real Bacon. Proudly produced in Dunkirk, NY.