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Proven superior digestibility. The proof is in the poop. See back panel. Formerly Spot's Stew. Now with DreamCoat skin and coat care. Because whole meat makes a whole lot of difference. Pasture fed. New Zealand raised. Whole Meat: Compare: Halo uses only whole meats, never any rendered meat meals of any kind. OrigiNative Proteins: Halo says no to factory farming, growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Non-GMO Vegetables: All fruits & vegetables are sourced from farmland that prohibits the use of genetically modified seeds. Holistic. Whole. Humane. Whole Meat vs Meat Meals: Many pet foods claim their first ingredient is meat. But look closely and most pet food labels contain chicken meal or fish meal or some other form of meat meal, as a primary ingredient. So what is a meat, poultry or fish meal? Simply put, such meals are the rendered, high-heat processed, and dehydrated combination of non-human edible remnants from slaughterhouses and fish processing factories. Pet food companies often use these powdered meals for a simple reason - they are much less expensive than whole meat. Does it matter? Halo thinks so! Because when meat is rendered into a meal, it loses a degree of its digestibility - perhaps as much as 30%. The high-heat processing also significantly elevates the level of ash in the rendered product. And because carnivorous mammals have among the shortest intestinal tracts of all mammals, ease (or lack of) digestibility matters. The more digestible the protein, the more bioavailable it is to your pet. In other words, when you select a highly digestible food - your pet retains and utilizes more of the nutrition that you pay for. The Superior Digestibility of Whole Meat: Halo's meat based diets use only whole meat protein and say no to meat meals of any kind. That's why, when compared to the best-selling premium pet food brands (including natural brands), Halo comes out on top in terms of digestibility. The proof is in the poop. We believe that in the end, the truth always comes out. And in this case, it generally comes out a bit better. Because of Halo's proven digestibility, you can expect to pick up after your pet a little bit less. And, generally feed a bit less. It only makes sense. When you insist on whole meat, you get a more digestible pet food. When you feed an easier-to-digest food, your pet utilizes more of it. And the more nutrition your pet benefits from, the less you pick up as waste. Why Whole Makes a Whole Lot of Difference: For over 30 years, Halo has insisted on creating only holistic pet foods that rely first on whole meat, poultry or fish - never any rendered meat meals. This is fundamentally different from the kibble diets of other leading pet food brands. At Halo, whole makes a whole lot of difference is more than words. It's the philosophy that drives our holistic approach to ingredient sourcing, recipes, nutritional value, the welfare of all animals, and our overall mission to change the way companion animals are fed and farm animals are raised - for the better! This difference in thinking and action makes a difference in how your pet utilizes (digests) Halo foods, a difference in the way we support ranchers and farmers that say no to factory farm confinement or the use of GMOs, a difference in sustaining our wild ocean fisheries, and a difference in our ability to help animals in need via our (hashtag)HaloFeeditForward program. It's how we know that when you feed your pet with the unconditional love of Halo, you always receive that love in return. When you say yes to Halo, you're choosing a different kind of food for your pet and making a difference for all animals. Thank you for your trust. - Myron Lyskanycz, CEO Halo, Purely for Pets. Halo Adult Dog Holistic Lamb & Lamb Liver Recipe Dry Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for Adult Maintenance. www.halopets.com. Halo donates a bowl to animals in need for every purchase you make. (hashtag)HaloFeeditForward. Sustainability: people; pets; planet. Feed for 14 days - love it or it's free! Our money back guarantee. Calorie Content ME (calculated): 3,660 kcal/kg, 403 kcal/cup. With DreamCoat Skin and Coat Care: Ingredients carefully selected to support a full, shiny coat and smooth skin, including non-GMO soy protein concentrate, non-GMO flaxseed, and vitamin E supplement. DreamCoat, Halo's best selling natural food supplement for decades, is available in a liquid form. OrigiNative Sourcing: At Halo, we believe that each and every animal impacts our lives and ultimately plays a role in improving our collective well-being. This includes our companion animals, farm animals and sheltered animals. It's why Halo donates over 1,500,000 bowls of pet food to pet shelters every year and why we promote OrigiNative agriculture and animal husbandry - with the goal of bringing our farming and ranching practices back to a more original and native state that rejects the factory farm model of close-confinement, growth hormones, antibiotics and genetically modified feeds. Instead, we foster naturally raised animals, regenerative soils and environmental balance. By sourcing cage free poultry, pasture raised beef, and wild caught fish from certified sustainable fisheries, Halo strives to deliver natural protein sources that not only harken back to an era where all of our animals were respected but also serves to provide our companion animals with the high-quality proteins and nutrients they need for good health, shiny coats, and long lives at our sides. Working together. Join us. The Humane Society of the United States. Halo Pet Foundation. www.halopetfoundation.org.