Utz Pretzels, Extra Dark Specials

Snacking Smart: 0 g trans fat; No saturated fat; No cholesterol. We all love snacking, but it's important to make smart choices when deciding what and how much to eat. That's why we've developed a product line that provides you with snacking smart options to fit your healthy lifestyle. This product in particular is better for you because it has no trans fat, no saturated fat and no cholesterol. Ever wanted to enjoy that dark kiln fired flavor without the crusty bite of a hard pretzel? That's what makes these Pennsylvania Dutch Extra Dark Specials a classic - rich taste in a crackery, soft-bite pretzel. And Utz Extra Dark Specials are baked to perfection with only one lonely gram of fat per serving. Utz pretzels - snacking smart never tasted so good. Contains no hydrogenated fats.