Presto Self Rising Cake Flour

Perfect for almost everything. For Breakfast - Dinner - Dessert - Quick & Easy. You can make almost everything with Presto. Presto Self-Rising Cake Flour: Flour with baking powder and salt added. A favorite of bakers since 1902. Presto Self-Rising Cake Flour is made from a special grade of soft winter wheat chosen for its tender gluten which makes light, even-textured cakes and biscuits. The baking powder in Presto is made especially to suit the flour and rises evenly throughout the dough. You always get the right proportion of baking powder and salt, because every batch of Presto is thoroughly tested at the mill. We guarantee your satisfaction. Perfect for Almost Everything: Cakes; Pancakes; Biscuits; Cobblers; Muffins; Special Breads; Quick Dinners & Much More. Presto has something for every meal or occasion. Saves Time & Work. A special blend of soft winter wheat, Presto eliminates measuring and blending the flour, baking powder and salt. With Presto, all you do is sift and measure once.