Natrel 1% Milk Aseptic

Vitamins A & D. Grade A. UHT. Real. Our farmers pledge this milk comes from cows not treated with rBST/rBGH (No significant difference has been shown between RBST/RBGH treated cows and non-RBST/RBGH treated cows). Shelf stable. 100% real milk. No preservatives. Tastes purer. Stays fresh longer. Natrel shelf-stable milk is the same premium, grade A milk as you find in the refrigerated dairy case - except you do not need to refrigerate Natrel milk before opening. Natrel shelf-stable milk is preservative free and provides the same nutrients and benefits as refrigerated milk. The Convenient Milk: Natrel shelf-stable milk does not need refrigeration before opening because it is first pasteurized at a higher temperature than refrigerated milk, then sealed into sterile Tetra Pak packaging. This special Tetra Pak packaging protects the milk from all air and light - sealing in all the natural freshness and nutritional benefits you expect from real milk. Store in pantry. Use as back-up. Enjoy over cereal. Use everyday. A package from Tetra Pak. Vitamin A & D. Recyclable only where facilities exist. Visit to see if recyclable in your area. Flatten box to reduce trash. Tetra Pak: Protect what's good.