Manischewitz Tam Original Snack Crackers

Snack crackers baked to perfection for a satisfying and light crunch. Crisp, light texture. No artificial flavor. This product is lactose free. Vegetarian. Comfort food for the soul. Estd 1888. A snacking favorite for generations! What makes the perfect cracker? Tam Tams are still popular after all these years because of their unmatched flavor and texture. That signature crunch and great flavor is what makes this six sided cracker pair with just about any topping or dip. So, enjoy the timeless great taste of Tam Tams - because good taste never goes out of style. The story of a cracker that never got old. Since 1940, Tam Tams have been enjoyed worldwide. Trends come and go, but some things never get old. Tam Tams have been a snacking favorite for generations, and for good reason! Their simple good taste, crisp texture and iconic shape make them a popular and beloved cracker that everyone loves. Show us how you (hashtag)tamtam. Facebook. Pinterest. (at)manischewitz. Twitter. Instagram (at)manischewitzco. Visit us at: Try our other snackable flavors! Onion; Everything; Garlic; Unsalted. Printed on recycled paperboard. Product of Israel.