Langers 100% Juice, Grape Plus

100% Pure grape juice from concentrate. Made with concord grapes. With Vitamin C, calcium & grape seed extract. With Activin grape seed extract. 100% Vitamin C daily value per serving. Had your vitamins today? Grape Juice Plus recharges your taste buds - and brings you extra nutrition in every sip. We start by adding the antioxidant Vitamin C. Research suggests antioxidants may play an important role in slowing changes that occur with normal aging. Each serving gives you 50mg of grape seed extract, which contains flavonoids and 100mg of calcium, good for healthy bones and teeth. See our website for important research on grape seed extract, flavonoids and your heart. There are no preservatives and no added sugar. But our Grape Juice Plus is more than nutritious. It's 100% delicious. We blend plump Concord grapes from the Yakima Valley in Washington state, where sun-drenched summers give the fruit its rich flavor. All natural. No sugar, sweeteners or colors added. No preservatives. Very low sodium. Pasteurized.