Kitchen Basics Chicken Cooking Stock, Natural

Source of protein. Less sodium. Fat free. Cooked from chicken, vegetables and herbs. An American Original: Starting in 1996, Kitchen Basics launched the first nationally available line of real stocks. This chicken stock is slowly simmered for hours with all-natural ingredients for a full bodied flavor without MSG, additives or any excess salt. But it's available to you in only seconds. Compare the flavor and ingredients of this real cooking stock vs. broth. For example, this has only 480 mg. of sodium vs. more than 980 in most leading broths. Usage Ideas: Pour it over poultry before roasting to add flavor and moisture. Use to extend gravy. Add it when cooking leftovers such as soup. Diet Exchange: 8 oz = Free food. Contains no glutens, soy, nuts, MSG, HVP, milk, eggs, dairy or fish. Product of USA.